"Kate is more than an acupuncturist, she is a healer.  When Kate treats a person, you receive the full focus of her attention, as if you are the only person in the world.  This focus is complemented by her deep skills and trained touch.  She really wants to know “how are you” which then leads to her thoughtful approach in creating individualized treatments.  I have seen Kate for years and know her gifts go beyond physical restoration to holistically supporting a person in their journey."

- Nancy E.

"The moment of change is the only poem." - Adrienne Rich

Transformational Medicine

I have a lifelong fascination with the body—how it works and what it can do. My work encompasses over 30 years of hands-on experience investigating the body. My interest was ignited by my career as a dancer in New York, expanded into teaching the Gyrotonic Expansion System® method and evolved into a passion for acupuncture. Part of what I love about acupuncture is that it can take you to a place of real stillness beyond illness, injury or worry – a place always available to us, but often forgotten in the stress of daily life. When I sense my patients tapping into that stillness, it’s a cue that we’re on the right track.


My therapeutic focus, while built on a solid foundation of Classical Chinese Medicine, is heavily influenced by the Acupuncture Physical Medicine (APM) approach of Dr. Mark Seem, and the Tri-State College of Acupuncture. This unique, hands-on style of acupuncture is ideally suited to manifest change in the way our muscles and tissue hold tension, and is quite different than the Traditional Chinese Medicine approach of many west-coast trained acupuncturists.

I believe that sometimes pain and discomfort can be clues from the body that we need to tune into ourselves more consciously in order to feel more present and integrated in our life. Another filter that I work with in support of that transformative process is Five Element Alchemical Acupuncture, as taught by master teacher Lorie Dechar, who I have studied with since 2002. Alchemical Acupuncture asks the question: “what is the lead in us that wants to be brought up into the light?”.

Integrate Your Body, Mind and Spirit

Acupuncture can attend to all 3 levels of our being – body, mind and spirit – treating stress, tension, anxiety, other nervous system issues, disease and emotional challenges, all of which can be undercurrents of pain or discomfort. I view healing as a collaborative journey; you and I are actively engaged in discerning how best to support you on your personal path towards well-being. I use various tools including acupuncture needles, essential oils, flower essences, dialogue, cupping, guasha, and moxibustion, each of which can enhance your overall quality of life.